CADENCE began its activities way back in India in 1991, as a research unit to research into new transducer technologies, aimed at improving existing ones based on electrostatic speakers, and focussed on designing hybrid loudspeakers around much new technology based  electrostatic speaker units.

A full-scale research laboratory for audio was established in Pune, in 1996, equipped with a large anechoic chamber and cutting-edge research tools and software.

The research resulted in several products based around entirely new approaches to producing electrostatic drivers, and mainly aimed at removing the problems associated with conventionally available electrostatic driver units.  The major problems addressed with novel materials and solutions were aimed at getting wider dispersion from electrostatic panels, ensuring very high efficiencies hitherto never achieved by electrostatic drivers, and also making them resistant to humidity and dust.

Several patents were granted to the technologies that were developed and the next stage was to put all these technologies into production.

For this a state of the art manufacturing unit was set up to manufacture and assemble all components and parts, by investing in special purpose CNC machines, and a loudspeaker cabinet making and assembly plant.

The first CADENCE loudspeaker was rolled out in 1997, designated as the CADENCE ES, and several models developed later-on, with the flagship CADENCE ARCA, that even to this day has a dedicated following with its users.

Once established as a speaker maker CADENCE went on to build hybrid tube amplifiers, using innovative, auto bias circuits, and a range that was topped by the 8 845 TRIODE tube cadence V 845, a mono-block hybrid tube design, using a solid-state driver stage and tube outputs and delivered an impressive 200 watts of pure power per mono amplifier, of which the first 50 watts is in pure class A.

All CADENCE products received very rave reviews across the worlds high end audio press.

Slowly establishing itself as a leading Indian manufacturer of electrostatic hybrid speakers , and tube amplifiers, CADENCE  got into distribution  and retail for other  international reputed high end manufacturers,  in India with a view to offer complete solutions to customers by distributing products like cables, cd players and turntables.

Moving on with  its objective as establishing itself as a key player in the high end audio business, it went onto its next step, to establish itself as a global player in this industry, and enabled further growth by forging strategic investment partnerships, with other leading manufacturers in various fields and sectors of its business, by investing in key players like Siltech and Crystal cable, in Holland, Spendor Audio Systems, Timberworx, SME Limited in UK, and  went on to establish a high end  store for retail of high end products in London, by the name of Audio Lounge, as well as establish a strong distribution company for not only its own  company products, but other reputed brands, for the United Kingdom and India.

Cadence further acquired the stocks, brand and rights for the 100 year old business of Garrard turntables, in 2018, as well as for the Loricraft brand of record cleaning machines. The legendary Garrard 301 transcription turntable, was reintroduced in 2019, at the Munich high end show in 2019, along with a newly reengineered version of the legendary Loricraft record cleaning machines set for launch in the summer of 2021.

Cadence continues to develop and strive to maintain leadership and excellence in its area of activities that encompass all areas of the high-end audio business, from product development and manufacture across its six plants in Europe and India, to distribution and retail.

The core values of Cadence are based on excellence in product quality, ensured by some of the best manufacturing facilities within the group, as well as a dedicated group of personnel involved in all areas of the spectrum from research to manufacture, sales and after sales service, to cater to the exacting needs of its special customers, and deliver solutions with products that are highly reputed for quality and performance, irrespective of the price points.