CADENCE was founded after years of research into electrostatic transducers and hybrid speaker designs. In the early 90’s, a revolutionary breakthrough was made: the hybrid electrostatic AMAYA (ES MK II) Loudspeaker made its spectacular appearance. Following soon after this came the pentode – based hybrid valve amplifier, the VA-1.

Today, besides the AMAYA (ES MK II) and the VA-1, CADENCE has a flagship reference hybrid loudspeaker, the ARCA as well as an entry-level dynamic speaker, the DS.

Recently CADENCE has also become the Indian distributor for some of the finest high end HiFi companies in the world, Including Avantgarde (Germany), Bel Canto (USA), Boulder (USA), Crystal Cable (Netherlands), Garrard (United Kigdom), Loricraft (United Kingdom), Ortofon (Denmark), Siltech (Netherlands), SME (United Kingdom), SPENDOR (United Kingdom), Nagra (Switzerland) and YG Acoustics (USA). More on the Brands we Distribute.

And starting all-new retail locations for high end audio in London, United Kingdom, Pune, India and Bangalore, India. More on our retail division.