Cadence's flagship reference speaker, Cadence is the pride of our stable of products. From its dazzling design, to the new standards in construction, the ARCA has set new benchmarks for hybrid loudspeakers.
Cadence DS

Cadence's entry level dynamic loudspeaker. The DS incorporates many of the design breakthroughs from our research on hybrids.

The CADENCE AMAYA (ES MK II) is the triumph of our vision over the barriers of the accepted. The result of seven years of research into the unknown.
Dynamic Loudspeaker
ARITA (Sanskrit : Praised)

The ARITA is the smallest loudspeaker in the Cadence range and is a compact bookshelf with a performance that defies its size. Precise imaging, sound staging, neutrality and above all musicality is made possible by the application of modern technology and materials. The Arita is available with acoustically designed stands as an option and is also designed for Home Theatre applications.
     Electrostatic Loudspeakers
ANINA (Sanskrit : The small one)

The Anina is a compact electrostatic Hybrid from Cadence, and uses a super fast Dynamic bass driver with the Cadence electrostatic Mid/High frequency unit. Designed for smaller listening areas, the ANINA is capable of producing the most epic musical sound scapes

This loudspeaker is the first of the new generation loudspeakers from the Cadence stable. Based on several technologies derived from the flagship Arca speaker, the AVITA is a highly evolved and refined loudspeaker and performs way above its class in every aspect. Transparency coupled with a wide frequency response, superb sound staging and neutrality combined with the new generation styling from Cadence makes the AVITA a speaker that cannot be outperformed. If there ever was a loudspeaker that could do every thing it is the AVITA