"Listening on the ARCA is a revealing experience. the sound is so sweet, it virtually drips nectar."
"This system will help discover a number of details which would otherwise go unnoticed .... Beautiful optimisation at a competitive price."

"What they are is fun -- the kind that brings an evil grin to people's faces when they know they're hearing something special."

"The Cadence has an electrostatic's sense of detail and delicacy combined with phenomenal handling ... giving a wonderful sense of the "stage" of a musical event."

"The hybrid formula loudspeaker ...is extremely difficult to craft and several manufacturers have failed miserably in this effort. the CADENCE ES speakers, however, are a pleasant surprise as they are perfectly accurate."

Eclipse Cadence ES
These beautifully made Indian hardwood-veneered speakers have grille covers of Indian silk and a sound quality which is superb.

ES: "...a handsome pair of loudspeakers which easily qualified for entry to that tiny group which forms the top echelon of the hi-fi market."

DS: "...an impressive feeling of detail across the full stereo stage. In short, this is a compact loudspeaker for connosseurs."

"Few designs balance the strengths of dynamic speakers and electrostatics with the aplomb of the ES."

"On cathedral organ, the ARCA could really take your breath away ...many speakers do not have the super clean, deep bass, of virtual subwoofer quality, which this CADENCE can provide."

"Grainless, resonance-free and almost ethereal in its delicacy, [the treble] had that remarkable ability to make a number of substantially good and deservedly popular dome tweeters sound faintly mecjanical."