The CADENCE AMAYA (ES MK II) is the triumph of our vision over the barriers of the accepted. The result of seven years of research into the unknown.

People knew that electrostatics were the superior loudspeaker technology. But electrostatics are considered notoriously tricky. Which is why only a handful of companies worldwide have ever attempted it. And they have always come up with products that have severe limitations.

They didn't know that an electrostatic unit could be unaffected by high temperatures and humidity

They didn't know that an electrostatic could be perfectly integrated with a dynamic unit in a seamless hybrid

They didn't know that electrostatics could reach a sensitivity of 91dB with a nominal system impedance of 8 ohms

They didn't know that standing waves could be eliminated from a rectangular bass enclosure

They didn't know that arcing problems could be solved

They didn't know that it could take under one second to charge up an electrostatic unit


The Cadence ES has transparency, delicacy, detail, and most of all, convincing musical presentation. It has taken the high end hi-fi world by storm. Hi-Fi Choice, WHAT HI-FI?, HI-FI NEWS & RECORD REVIEW, AUDIOPHILE, Gramophone and Hi-Fi World are some of the magazines raving about the ES.