Cadence ARCA

Cadence's flagship reference speaker, Cadence is the pride of our stable of products. From its dazzling design, to the new standards in construction, the ARCA has set new benchmarks for hybrid loudspeakers.

The approach was to go a level beyond mere objective testing and to design a loudspeaker that played to the best musical ears. This meant paying exacting attention to phase alignment, amplitude alignment and, most important, time alignment.

And getting a phenomenally uniform frequency response. With these in perfect sync, the concert hall enters your living room.

Human hearing is highly sophisticated. The ear and the brain together make up the most evolved (and most important) testing instruments imaginable. At various frequency ranges, human hearing is more sensitive to time, phase or amplitude. The Cadence ARCA is tuned to deliver the sound your musical ear craves for. That is why ARCA, which means "venerated, the brilliant one" in Sanskrit also stands for Absolute Response Corrected Alignment.

We knew that we could design the ARCA. All we had to do is give up the idea of designing a loudspeaker. We designed a musical instrument instead!